Innova Champion Mystere


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Mystere on Innovan helppoheittoinen 11-nopeuksinen pituusdraiveri, joka liitää pitkälle! Se muistuttaa hyvin paljon lennoltaan Archonia, mutta Mystereen on vielä lisätty enemmän liitoa. Pehmeän turnin ja feidin ansiosta tällä kiekolla on helppo muovata pitkiä S-linjan heittoja. 11-nopeuden kiekoksi Mysteressä on yllättävänkin lyhyt ja ergonominen rimmi. Mystere on erinomainen valinta etenkin pelaajille, joilla on hankaluuksia saada heittoihin mittaa nopeammilla ja vakaammilla pituusdraivereilla kuten Destroyerilla ja Wraithilla.Champion -muovissa Mystere kestää kovemmassakin menossa!

Champion discs are distinguished by a beautiful clear appearance. Designed for professional players, Champion line discs are usually a little firmer and more stable than the same model in other plastics. Whether used in heavily wooded situations, or on extremely rugged courses, Innova's Champion line plastic will continue to perform predictably and avoid damage better than any other plastic.

Additional information about custom products


600x600px resolution for Mini's e.g (105mmx105mm) product size

2000x2000px resolution for a whole disc print e.g (217mmx217mm) product size

1000x1000px resolution for logos e.g (logo size 140x140mm)


With our printing method we can produce sharp and precise artwork without any color restrictions. The print is always a dull finish. We can't produce a glossy finish with this method. The shape of the product might affect the end looks of the print (e.g big dome etc). For a example a perfectly flat disc can be printed as a whole. A small dome doesn't affect the print. If the product has a a lot of differentiation in height it might not be possible to print on the whole disc.

We will edit every picture to be appropriate for our printing. If needed we will contact the customer before the actual printing on the disc.

Our specialty is printing on all plastic grades. We can print on all kinds of plastic e.g Dx, XT, Jawbreaker, premium plastics and all other blends. We have tested printing on all of the different plastics with great success.


With this function we can also print to colored discs with the help of white color. Precision when printing pictures is 150-400 dpi per inch varying by the printing method used. Seeing picture-dots depends by the distance you are looking at the disc. In most cases 300 dpi is enough for colored pictures. With a inkjet printer 150 dpi accuracy is enough when printing on a normal paper. The more high quality picture you have, the better is the end quality. Our machines picture-accuracy is 1440 dpi.

NOTICE! Usually pictures from the internet are 72-96 dpi and below our recommendations.

COLOR PROFILE Frisbeemarket has made its own ICC-profile for our workloads. All colors might not look when printed like on your computer screen or image processing software.

FILE FORMATS We can use all kinds of file formats except ones made with Office tools. Unfortunately our system doesn't support them. For example SVG, PSD, AI, JPEG, PDF, PNG, EPS are great for our printing.

RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PRINT Customers are responsible for the graphics used on the special discs. Frisbeemarket doesn't take responsibility on the graphics.

FLAWS If you encounter flaws in the print contact our customer service immediately.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT If you have any questions regarding custom products you can contact us via Email: [email protected] or calling (+358) 456019055


+Make your own custom disc

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